3B Smart Anatomy Human Skull with Facial Muscles


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3B Smart Anatomy Human Skull with Facial Muscles

Use this model of the face musculature by 3B Scientific® to easily demonstrate causes of temporomandibular disorders and other dysfunctional disturbances of the TMJ and masticatory muscles.

Right half of skull:

  • Face and mastication muscles are illustrated
  • Face musculature can easily and precisely be differentiated from the mastication musculature by using two colors.

Left half of skull:

  • Muscle origins are marked in red
  • Muscle insertions are marked in blue
  • The jaw is movable with flexible musculature
  • Rudimentary chewing motion can be demonstrated
  • Cranium and m. masseter muscle are easily detachable

Only highest quality material was used to manufacture this made in Germany model. Its durability make it perfect for hands-on teaching.

New magnetic connections allow parts to be attached to magnetic wall panels for easy viewing.

  • This is particularly useful for anatomy and biology lessons
  • A whole class can be pointed to certain anatomical structures
  • The models should be mounted well visible to all
  • Quick and easy removal after class when the models have to be stowed away again.

New anatomy app called 3B Smart Anatomy now included for FREE with Human Skull with Facial Muscles.

Every original 3B Scientific anatomy model now includes these additional FREE features:

  • Free access to the anatomy course 3B Smart Anatomy, hosted inside the award-winning Complete Anatomy app by 3D4Medical
  • The 3B Smart Anatomy course includes 23 digital anatomy lectures, 117 different virtual anatomy models and 39 anatomy quizzes to test your knowledge
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MFG# A300

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