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Human Open Back Torso – 27 Parts

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  • Life size human torso is an excellent tool for anatomy studies.
  • It features a dissected head to show nasal cavity, internal structures of the mouth and eye.
  • Left half of brain can be taken out and is in four parts to show excellent detail.
  • Lungs with attached ribs and 2 part heart come out to show internal detail.
  • Liver with gall bladder, 2 part stomach, and large and small intestine, with appendix flap opening highlight complete digestive system.
  • The male organs are in 4 parts, while 2 part female organs include an embryo in the 3rd month of pregnancy.
  • On the back, a cut away features bones, nerve and blood vessels of the spine.
  • A cervical vertebra is removable along with a thoracic vertebrae that shows a herniated disk.
  • Dual Sex
  • 33 inches tall
  • Includes key with 210 call outs.


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