Philips One Piece ECG Cable 5 Leads Snap

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Philips Direct Connect, One-Piece ECG Cable 2017003-001: 5 Leads AHA Snap

Warranty: 6 months

This one-piece ECG cable is for use with the following ECG monitors: Philips Heartstart defibrillator, Philips Agilent, Envisor, IntelliVue, MP 20, MP 30, MP 50, MP 60, IE33, Philips Heartstart defibrillator, Philips Agilent, IntelliVue, CX50, 43100A, 43110A, 43120A, 78352C, 78354C, 78834C, 862474 C3, M1001A, M1002A, M1165A, M1166A, M1167A, M1175A, M1177A, M1204A, M1205A, M1264A, M1275A Transport, M1276A, M1280A, M1722A/B, M1723A/B, M2475B, M2601A, M3000A, M3001A, _3046_, M2, M3, M4, M4735A, MP 20, MP 30, MP50, V24E, Agilent 50XM Fetal Monitor; Newtech NT3A; Solaris NT3A, NT3B, NT3C, NT3E, NT3F; Welch Allyn Propaq Encore 206EL, 242.


  • 2017003-001
  • M1972A (3 Leads Snap)
  • M1981A (3 Leads Clip)
  • 989803143181 (3 Leads Clip)
  • Curbell CBM-03JA-10AS-0121 (3 Leads Snap)
  • M1977A (5 Leads Snap)
  • M1986A (5 Leads Clip)
  • Curbell CBM-05JA-10AS-0121 (5 Leads Snap)


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