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SimRig The Ambulance Trainer

Simulate the Entire Call Process with an Ambulance in Your Classroom!
Part Number: MS099201

Additional Features

Accessories and Equipment

Product Description

The SimRig Classroom Ambulance Trainer is uniquely designed to be built in any classroom for the most comprehensive EMS training possible. The SimRig is designed to replicate a real ambulance, so that EMS students can familiarize themselves with the proper ambulance procedures. The compact design allows for students to experience the hardships of working within the confined space of a real ambulance before their first day on the job. The entire class can be involved in simulation training, either through participation or observation. Students can observe how their classmates conduct a simulation and learn from each other’s mistakes and successes.


The SimRig is designed with both educators and students in mind. Educators can coach and evaluate students on all EMS tasks and protocols completed within the SimRig. The purchase of a SimRig Ambulance Trainer reflects the institution or agency’s commitment to realistic training and professionalism. The minimal maintenance expenses make the SimRig a cost-effective solution for any facility. Facility logos and Star of Life graphics on the SimRig make it unique and gives a real life design to an actual ambulance. The SimRig Ambulance Trainer is a safe and effective way to prepare students for the life-altering scenarios they will see in an ambulance in the field.

Standard Features

  • Interior Storage Cabinets
  • ALS/BLS Basic Cabinet Shelving
  • CPR Seat with Seatbelt and Inside Storage
  • Attendant Airway Seat with Seatbelt
  • Squad Bench with Seatbelt and Inside Storage
  • Action Control Station Area
  • Six (6) 8″ Interior LED Lighting
  • Oxygen Outlet and Flowmeter
  • Air compressor for Oxygen Outlets
  • RICO Suction Canister
  • Vacuum Pump for Rico Suction
  • Disposable Sharps Containter in Patient Compartment
  • Electronic Locking Narcotics Cabinet
  • Two (2) Overhead IV Hanger
  • Protective Soft Edge
  • Ferno Gurney/Cot Mounting Apparatus
  • Exterior Lights
  • Exterior Code Lights (Red, Yellow, Green)
  • Exterior Diamond Plate Package
    • Exterior Trim
    • ALS Equipment Access Door
    • Exterior Accessed Oxygen Storage
  • Flip Up Rear Bumper Step
  • Vinyl Graphics Package
    • Two (2) Facility Logos
    • Two (2) Stars of Life
  • Designed for instructional use

DiaMedical USA Optional Accessories



  • Approximately 2,500 pounds


  • Seven engineered-truss system interlock for stability.

Exterior Dimensions:

  • 144″ Long x 101″ High x 96″ Wide

Wall & Joints:

  • Walls are 3/4” engineered Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) with a high-pressure coating on exposed surfaces. The joints are patented two-part fastening system of extruded PVC to join and reinforce wall panels and corners. All joints are color coordinated to exterior walls. Corner joints incorporate 2.5 degrees exterior radii. All construction is high pressure MDF laminated on exposed surfaces permanently attached to the interior


  • 3/4” cabinet-grade plywood subfloor with color-coordinated, hospital-grade vinyl flooring

Electrical Wiring:

  • Low voltage electrical.
  • Automotive specified wiring and connections, insulated and enclosed in a protective loom.
  • All connectors are mechanically crimped.


  • Six high-intensity lights (3 over primary patient, 3 over squad bench). Side switches work independently from patient area.


  • Lifetime structural warranty. Five (5) year limited warranty on all other components under normal use.