Quantum ACR4 Ambulance Child Restraint System


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The Quantum ACR4 Ambulance Child Restraint System is an innovative, flexible and fully adjustable harnessing system, it is the only pediatric restraint in the world that allows the safe and secure transport of newborns and children weighing 4lbs – 100lbs with a single device.

Popular Features:
  • Allows for the safe, effective, restraint of all children from 4-99 pounds
  • ACR-4 offers four size of restraints in a single device
    • XS: 4-11 pounds
    • SM: 10-26 pounds799
    • MED: 22-55 pounds
    • LARGE: 44-99 pounds
  • Smart color coding for easy selection of 4 sizes
  • Universally compatible with any cot
  • Machine Washable
  • Quick release chest strap for medical intervention
  • Breathable fabric maximizes airflow and meets infection control standards
  • Allows rapid transition from sitting to flat in an emergency or to recovery position
  • Padded for patient comfort and reduced risk of pressure sores during long transfers
  • Can be used with stretcher back rest in raised position
  • Compact storage bag
  • The restraint tightens into the mattress of the stretcher not into the child preventing any additional injury to the patient.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Attaching the harness to the cot and securing the patient

1. Position 4 harness straps on stretcher frame. Place blue straps to desired position of patient and pass buckle through the loop to secure to the frame.

2. To attach harness, lay ACR on bed and secure using the 4 buckles, ensuring straps are not taut and harness is not twisted.

3. Place patient on top of flat, open harness.

4. Release chest strap. Fit shoulder straps. Reconnect chest strap.

5. Feed straps through ‘D’ rings. The white marker on the strap has to pass through the ‘D’ ring an be visible. After straps are fed through ‘D’ rings, press hook and loop firmly together, ensuring correct position of white marker indicating minimum hook and loop contact area

6. Fit and engage waist straps – Press firmly together Pull waistband over and close hook and loop. Make sure hook and loop are correctly aligned and slide 3 fingers under harness to ensure it is not attached too tightly.

7. Peel back outer waistband leaving inner attached.

8. Position crotch pad centrally, close and engage upper strap, pressing firmly together, ensuring the markers (A-B) have a sufficient hook and loop engagement in the contact area.

9. Now tighten the 4 harness straps ensuring patient remains central on the ambulance cot.

10. Secure the patients legs with the stretcher strap. The patient is now secure.



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