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Adult IV Task Trainer – ReaLifeSim

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The ReaLifeSim Standard IV Trainer is just what you need to fill the gap in realistic simulation for vascular access on people or Manikins.  ReaLifeSim Standard IV Trainers are wearable, affordable, durable and safe.  Realistic vessel placements enhance visual, tactile and hands-on skills in locating, palpating vessels and achieving a “good stick.” Realistic size, skin feel, and flashback give learner immediate feedback.

Features include:

 – Hook and loop Velcro straps for flexible fitting and positionaing on the forearm.  Straps are used rather than a full sleeve to protect the wearers from potential exposures and cross-contamination.

– Life-like skin with feel of “pop” through the skin and the second “pop” through the vessel followed by a realistic flashback.

– Soft, smooth, durable microfiber lining near the skin.

– Entire base of sleeve covered with protective puncture-proof material.

– Sustained skin integrity for >250 insertion attempts using 20g or smaller IV catheters.

– Multiple vessel placement options for a variet of clinical situations.

– 10″ X 3.5″ Surface Area

– Latex-Free

*Simulated blood vessels sold separately.


*App not included

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size needles/catheters can I use?

20 gauge or smaller for best sustainability

2. Is the sleeve size adjustable?

Yes! Simply adjust the hook and loop straps or adjustable elastic straps.

3. How many vessels are in it?

The ReaLifeSim and VetReaLifeSim IV task trainers can be customized to meet your needs. You may insert one or more vessels to provide a range of clinical conditions.

4. How many sticks before a simulated blood vessel (SBV) needs to be changed out?

The SBVs required changing after multiple attempts. Vessel size and usage impacts usage.

5. Can it be worn on the left and right sides?


6. Is there a user guide?

User guides are available in written and video formats upon request.



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