Active Shooter Moulage & Training Kit

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  •  Active Shooter/Mass Casualty (AS/MCI) Moulage & Training Kit was developed to assist you in preparing for an All Hazards Incident Response.
  • Including moulage specific to wound identification and treatment, this multi-training kit enables coordinated practice of rapid assessment, airway management, and hemorrhagic response- with focused training realism and incident standardization.
  • Utilizing interactive wounds that are quick, cost effective and most importantly, convincing, we provide the visual and olfactory realism needed for an effective Emergency Operations Exercise.
  • Our Multi-Agency Response Kits maximize training interaction and event preparedness.
  • Through ongoing refinement and evaluation of operative performance, Multi-Agency Response add-on Kits enable structured NIMS coordination between Rescue Task Force, Evacuation, Triage and multi-scene
    Law Enforcement and EMS/Fire Response.


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