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Conntrol-V 1035i IV Pump

Part Number: Conntrol-V 1035i


Product Description

The NEW Conntrol-V 1035i is the industry’s only HYBRID IV Pump that’s pre-calibrated to multiple IV sets AND delivers fluids accurately. The NEW 1035i provides more flexibility than Heska’s Vet/IV 2.2 or the VetPro VIP 2000, at a lower price.

Competitor’s pumps can be calibrated to only one type of tubing at a time, Abbott or Baxter, not both, forcing you to use only one brand of tubing. The NEW 1035i delivers fluids accurately (+/-3%) with Abbott, Baxter or any other IV tubing set. With the NEW 1035i, YOU choose the brand of IV tubing without compromising the accuracy of fluid administration and intended therapeutic result. Select Abbott, Baxter and Leading Edge tubing on the fly, by simply pressing a button.

Competitive pumps will “work” with many tubing sets, however, what the “tubing rep” won’t tell you (or doesn’t know) is that if your pump isn’t designed or calibrated to use their brand of tubing, your pump will deliver fluids with as much as a +/- 30% variance, defeating your intended therapeutic result for YOUR patient!

  • HYBRID. Abbott, Baxter and Leading Edge tubing at the press of a button
  • Big, bright, “SMART” display, 3x bigger than Heska or VetPro. Shows important infusion information without scrolling through menus
  • 50% longer warranty than Heska and VetPro VIP2000
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Hang from a treatment cage or IV Pole
  • Piggyback function
  • Approved for the safe delivery of TPN solutions, blood and blood products
  • NOW with increased Flow rate 1-1200 ml/hr
  • Accuracy +/-3%
  • Twin CPU’s make the infusion process safer and more reliable
  • Memory Function remembers parameters from previous infusions
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • KVO, Purge and Bolus functions
  • Ships pre-calibrated to three IV tubing brands: Abbott, Baxter and Leading Edge (Inquire about calibration to other specialty brands of tubing)
  • Save money with Leading Edge tubing, optimized for the NEW 1035i
  • Service and support in the USA

Warranty: 18 Months


  • This  pump is HYBRID and is calibrated for factory Abbott, factory Baxter, and Leading Edge tubing. (SO HANDY!!)  If your Clinic wants an additional calibration added to this pump it is an additional $75.00. (Your Clinic can do this at ANY time, we just need the pump and some of the brand tubing they want calibrated.)
  • Piggyback function
  • Compact – fits in the palm of your hand
  • TPN solutions, blood and blood product capable
  • Competitively priced is the Leading Edge tubing at MSRP $69 for a box of 50.
  • LCD “SMART” display – don’t need to scroll through any menu list – all the vital parameters are there for you to see while still being a compact user friendly size.
  • Can either clip it to an IV pole OR hang it from a patients cage!

  Key Points for Competitive Comparison :  

  1. 50% LONGER warranty than Heska and VetPro VIP2000
  2. ‘SMART’ DISPLAY – no menus to scroll through, all necessary parameters are visible on the display.
  3. HYBRID – comes pre-calibrated to Abbott, Baxter, and Leading Edge tubing; for an additional cost can be calibrated to suit any other tubing your Clinics require – making it even MORE user-friendly unlike its leading competitors that only allow either Abbott or Baxter tubing.
  4. Capability to safely deliver TPN solutions, blood and blood product, unlike most competitors that are varying abilities.