Dystocia Calf Simulator

SKU: VT028009


Dystocia Calf Simulator.  For use in veterinary education and training.

  • Fully articulated steel skeleton, with ribcage, vertebrae, pelvis and spine
  • Realistic movement; durable and flexible skin and tail
  • Skull with movable jaw, teeth, soft palate
  • Esophagus and palpable anus
  • Reinforced ears and forelegs with durable hooves for chaining
  • Realistic 22.7kg (50 lb) weight
  • Available in 4 breeds:
    • Hereford, Holstein, Black and Red Angus
  • Custom breeds available at an additional cost


The Dystocia Calf Simulator Model is included with the Holstein Model Dystocia Simulator as well as the Hereford Dystocia Simulator.

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