Arrhythmia Simulators

Our supply of arrhythmia cardiac simulators provides the most realistic simulation for the most advance responder training. DiaMedical USA supplies the best selection of arrhythmia simulators to replicate a variety of patient heart rhythms. We offer highest quality of arrhythmia simulators at the most cost-effective pricing.

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DiaMedical USA offers the best assortment of arrhythmia cardiac simulators. Arrhythmia simulators connect to LIFEPAK defibrillators for safe simulation of cardioversion and electrical capture. These cardiac simulators offer a selection of 17 ECG rhythms, can be used with Philips MRx defibrillator, independent chest lead and limb lead ECG rhythms, connects directly to monitor, LED simulation indicators, and does not work with manikin. We offer lowest priced arrhythmia simulators with the best customer service.