Anatomical Models

Complete your classroom or medical office with our various 3D and full-size anatomical models! Our replicas of the human body and its endless functions are available at the lowest price.  Anatomical models are especially valuable to doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and health care practitioners in the field of patient education. Working on a trustful relationship with patients is an investment in a successful future with returning customers, and being able to explain every anatomical detail on a model will assure a strong rapport with a patient.

At DiaMedical USA, we will make your training facilities top of the line with our best-selling anatomical models. Medical and nursing students will learn at the fastest rate with the most accurate representations of human anatomy using our high-quality human anatomy models. From skeletons with removable muscles to degenerative bone disease models, our joint sets provide hands-on learning at the lowest price. Use student edition brain models to make learning easier. An excellent nervous system replica to study is the nervous system relief model. We offer a wide selection of medical anatomy models including artery models, hearts with bypasses, and human heart models. Our nursing school anatomical models feature our popular cardiovascular system models. Extensively learn the ins and outs of our digestive system with colon models, internal organ replicas, life-size stomach models and more. Our large figures of the midsagittal section detail how the brain and face operate. The muscular system models cover every area of the body. Our full-color anatomical models include over 200 of the finest half life-size anatomical models and full life-size anatomical models. Make your anatomy classroom demonstrations even more reputable at an affordable price! Our reproductive system models help students understand classroom concepts effortlessly. Individual skin layers on our various skin and skin condition models show students the details missed on the surface. Our most popular life-size replicas include the anatomical models of the eye, anatomical models of the ear, thyroid anatomical models and nose anatomical models. Teach with the most detailed human torso displays by purchasing one of ours at DiaMedical USA! Explore the urinary system with ease thanks to our affordable 3D anatomical models that allow the highest amount of comprehension. Our detailed vertebra models do not miss a thing from pelvis models to vertebrae sets. Our color-coded anatomy models are perfect for your next anatomy class.