Bone and Joint Models

Find a wide assortment of bone and joint models for your medical facility or school’s nursing program at DiaMedical USA! Choose from bone models featuring removable muscles or functional joint models to make demonstrations easier. We provide our customers with the finest detailed models at the lowest price.

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Make demonstrations easier and faster when teaching students or patients exactly what they need to know with our bone and joint models. We feature dozens of the most detailed replicas of human bones at the lowest price possible. Our affordable bone and joint anatomical models are manufactured to replicate the human body accurately and effectively. Learn and teach with hands-on detachable models and fully flexible joint replicas to show how similar they are to the human body. Explore a wide range of the best human joint models including elbow joint models, knee joint models, and shoulder joint models. Our full-size bone models show students and patients every detail of the basic knee anatomy, basic shoulder anatomy, basic hip anatomy and basic elbow anatomy. Featuring a hand model with rheumatoid arthritis and a hand model with osteoarthritis, our full-size hand models make teaching easier. Increase comprehension with accessible bone and joint displays on removable bases. Save money with DiaMedical USA when you purchase a new bone or joint model!