Brain and Nervous System Models

DiaMedical USA offers the best brain and nervous system models. Explore the entire nervous system with our highly detailed nervous system relief model. For use in medical facilities or nursing classrooms, color-coded brain models make learning more effective when studying the motor and sensory functional centers of the brain.

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As the most complex organ in the human body, the brain requires full attention from students and patients while being studied. Look no further than our various hands-on brain models to attain the highest amount of comprehension. To enable easy observation, many of our brain replicas are divided along the median sagittal plane. Available in several parts per model, we feature life-size brain models with arteries, student editions of brain models, color-coded brain models, giant regional brain models, models featuring a base of the head or partial skull brain models. Explore our other brain and nervous system replicas with life-size brain ventricles, 6-times life-size deluxe spinal cord models, nervous system relief models, and rat brain comparative anatomy. Make learning for nursing students fun and easy with our hands-on anatomical brain models!