Cardiovascular System Models

Our cardiovascular system models are affordable and the perfect addition to your doctor’s office or anatomy classroom. Explore the cardiovascular system in extensive detail with our various models of the heart, arteries and more. Learning will be easier with the color-coded and detachable replicas exposing the interior and exterior of the heart.

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Our cardiovascular system models are the perfect addition to any doctor’s office, lecture hall or classroom. From ½ life-size heart models to 2-times life size heart models, each provide an extensive amount of anatomical detail. Teach heart anatomy with ease using one or more of our detachable and transparent heart models. The non-breakable life-size heart splits into anterior and posterior sections to access the four pumping chambers and valves. This heart model has color-coded vessels to show the flow of oxygenated or deoxygenated blood. Demonstrate atherosclerosis with our 4-piece artery model. Each stage shows a larger decrease in blood flow, ranging from a normal artery model to a blocked artery model. Explain changes in blood vessels from arteriosclerosis with our arteriosclerosis model. Choose from heart models with bypasses or normal heart models without bypasses. View the heart internally and externally with our full-size heart model and 3-mini heart set model. Our hypertension anatomical model set consists of a miniature brain model, a miniature eye model and a miniature kidney model. Each model is attached to the education card listing the effects associated with hypertension. The circulatory system model shows 7 anatomical structures in colorful detail making it the perfect teaching aid.