Digestive System Models

Explore our digestive system models with models of the stomach, liver, colon, jaw, kidney, pancreas and more. Your students and patients will be able to understand their lesson or appointment fully with our anatomical replicas of the human digestive system.

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At DiaMedical USA, we have numerous high-quality anatomical models of the digestive system. Our replicas feature magnified and life-size views of the stomach, colon, liver and more. Provide the best patient and student education with our detailed digestive system anatomical models. We feature gallstone models, hemorrhoid models, and rectum models to ensure the most advanced form of comprehension from patients and students. Our life-size digestive system models expose the human anatomy with cutaway view colon models, cutaway view tooth decay models, cutaway view liver and gallstone models with gallstones, cutaway view stomach models, cutaway view stomach models with cancer, cutaway view stomach models with ulcers and cutaway view GI tract models featuring the large and small intestine. Inform your students and patients of threatening pathologies in the digestive system with the 4-piece colon model with pathologies, 4-piece Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) model, liver model with pathologies, kidney model with half normal anatomy and half diseased anatomy. Show how the human jaw and teeth have developed since birth with our detailed adult jaw model and the 4-piece teeth and jaw development model.