Head and Neck Models

Students and patients will love our anatomical head and neck models. Not only do they make learning easier, each model is hands-on allowing a deeper understanding. Our head and neck models are an excellent display for your classroom or hospital setting.

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Our head and neck models at DiaMedical USA are exactly what you need for your medical office or training facility. All of our anatomical structures of the human head and neck are highly detailed. The median and frontal section of the head model and median section of the head model are on baseboards making display in a teaching setting that much easier. The five-part bisected head model is life-size and sectioned into halves to expose the interior anatomical details of the brain, nose, mouth and throat. The exterior features of the head and skull are also shown on the bisected head model. Included is a detachable eyeball model, a detachable tongue model, and a facial bone model. The head and neck musculature model allows you to dissect into the skull cap and 3-part brain. All of the important anatomical structures of the human head are detailed. The most detailed head model comes in 6 parts with a 4-part brain half model with arteries. Representation of the superficial musculature of the head and neck can be seen in the head musculature model that features a partially exposed lower jaw in addition to the parotid gland. Our life-size head with neck model features a removable brain half while exposing the muscles, nerves, vessels and bony structures of the head and neck. Teach your students the head and neck musculature in depth with the right half of the head and neck musculature model. It shows the human head and neck down to the level of the clavicle of the model. Easily demonstrate the musculature of the face with the skull with facial muscles model. On the right side of this model the face and mastication muscles are shown. The left half of the model the muscle origins and insertions are marked, featuring a movable jaw. Demonstrate a chewing motion on this flexible musculature model.