Muscular System Models

Our muscular system models reveal precise representations of the human muscular system. Our replicas feature detachable muscles making them ideal for any medical learning program. Patients will understand muscle injuries easily with models that feature such accurate detail.

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Choose from a dozen of our anatomical models specializing in the muscular system to exhibit numerous joints and body parts in removable muscle model form. The elbow joint model with removable muscles is a great tool for student and patient understanding. Realistic colors on the model allow learning of the human elbow joint to be more easily understood. Our half life-size complete dual sex muscle model displays the complete human anatomy in a convenient size suitable for a lecture hall. It features 33 removable parts and is delivered on a stand. The hip joint model with removable muscles and knee joint model with removable muscles provide accurate representations of the human body. Easily educate your patients about injuries and rehabilitation with these models. The muscle origins are colored red and the muscle insertions are blue. Another accurate representation of the human muscular system is the life-size male muscular figure model. With sixteen removable parts, this model of the human body is accurate, detailed and affordable. The life-size muscle torso model exposes deep and superficial muscles with fourteen removable parts. Another life-size model is the life-size dual sex muscle model. Supplied with interchangeable genital inserts, this model has over 600 hand-numbered structures of the human body. It is attached to a roller base making it the perfect addition to any learning facility, classroom, lecture hall or doctor’s office. A model of the microanatomy muscle fiber shows the interior of muscles in a way unlike any other. It magnifies human muscle anatomy by 10000 times providing a hands-on learning approach. The muscle arm model feature five removable muscles. This muscled arm model is exactly what your classroom needs with illustration of the superficial and deeper muscles. The muscle leg model has eight removable muscles and a removable stand. This muscled leg model is a great teaching tool when approaching the anatomy of the human muscular system. Our shoulder joint with rotator cuff model features detachable muscles that allow all possible movements of the shoulder joint to be displayed. The musculature of the face is easily exhibited on the skull with facial muscles model. On the right side of this model the face and mastication muscles are shown. The left half of the model the muscle origins and insertions are marked, featuring a movable jaw. Demonstrate a chewing motion on this flexible musculature model.