Reproductive System Models

Prepare patients for pregnancy with our various reproductive system models. Each replica of the human body during the stages of pregnancy are highly detailed and even include removable fetuses. Recommended for medical office or lecture hall use, our anatomical models are the best price and addition to your work place or training facility!

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Explore our reproductive system models at the lowest price! Our various male and female reproductive models feature pregnancy insert models compatible with multi-torso configurations, cross-section models of breasts, breast models with irregular masses, deluxe pregnancy series models, human embryo models, female pelvis models, male reproductive models, male pelvis models, prostate models, stages of fertilization and of the embryo models, and uterus-ovary models. Our detailed pregnancy anatomical models are exactly what you need when working with expecting mothers, students and more. Studying the anatomy of human development is important for students. Allow them to do so fully with our detailed human embryo models that are 25 times larger than life size at four weeks old. The pregnant anatomical models feature removable fetuses to enhance the education of the stages of pregnancy. Our prostate model features six full size prostates. They are varied in that one is normal and they gradually have more and more conditions by the sixth one. This is a great model to allow patients and students to see a comparative analysis of a healthy prostate model and an unhealthy prostate model. The stages of fertilization and of the embryo model goes well with our uterus and ovary model as well as the male insert model and male pelvis models. These models are great tools to teach the stages of pregnancy from the beginning.