Respiratory System Models

Our advanced models allow patients and students to understand the full anatomy of the human respiratory system with ease. Whether you are diagnosing a problem in a patient or lecturing about how the respiratory system works, these models are the perfect fit for your learning environment. As 3D models, these replicas of the respiratory system are a great find at an even better price.

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Medical professionals are able to show lung conditions with the help of our advanced respiratory system models. Our five part lung model with larynx features a two-part lung with removable front halves allowing medical students and nursing students to see inside of the anatomical respiratory system. The bronchus model allows students and patients to study the bronchus and its tissue as it changes from the effects of asthma and chronic bronchitis. Study the effects of COPD, a chronic lung disease, with the COPD model. The changes on this model of bronchial tissue is a great learning tool. The CT bronchial tree models come in two different types: the CT bronchial tree with larynx model and the CT bronchial model with larynx and transparent lungs model. The four times life-size functional larynx model allows an up close and 3D perspective of an accurate larynx replica. View the model of musculature on one side and the model of cartilaginous of the larynx model on the other. The anatomy model of the human sinuses shows in full detail a replica of all human sinuses. With detachable pieces, this anatomical model of the sinuses is a great teaching tool for rising medical students and rising nursing students. Explain procedures and further details to patients with ease thanks to this detailed and affordable human sinus model. Choose our full size anatomical model of the human lungs. Featuring a cut-away of the right side of the lung, it is the best human lung model around. Save money and enhance the education of your students and patient with this excellent and affordable lung replica. Explore the anatomy of the lung area with our anatomical lung model with larynx. The lung model is delivered on a baseboard providing an easy display in the classroom or medical office. This model has detachable parts showing further anatomical detail of the lungs. Our lung set with pathologies model includes two full-size two-sided lung models. This lung replica has cutaway areas showing the effects of COPD, cancer and asthma. The pulmonary lobule model shows a magnified external pulmonary lobe in advanced detail. Our segmented lung model is an advanced anatomical model of the respiratory system. With several detachable pieces, this model is the best lung model for nursing students. Each of our respiratory anatomical models are affordable and provide a more advanced view into the human body for professors and doctors to provide the best rate of understanding for patients and students.