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Browse our skin condition models to complete your medical office or lecture hall. Students and patients will learn how to prevent and treat various conditions of the skin. As 3D models, these replicas of skin conditions are a great find at an even better price.

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The anatomical skin models available at DiaMedical USA exhibit models of skin conditions, models of skin acne, models of skin cancer, models of skin burns and skin models with hair and nails included. As the largest organ of the body, being able to treat your skin correctly or know when hazards come about can be a difficult task. Each layer of the skin is exposed in the 3 part skin model. This anatomically accurate model also features an up-close view of microscopic structures in the skin. Our precancerous and cancerous skin lesions model is perfect for nursing students, medical students studying dermatology and dermatologists. This model comes with disks that have a 3D surface demonstrating the skin condition modeled on each disk. It is a great learning tool to show patients what to look for and for students to be able to identify various conditions easily. The skin acne model is a great learning object. It includes examples of three different forms of common acne with hair follicles. Our enlarged model of skin cancer teaches students and patients alike of six different conditions of the skin. Three conditions are cancerous and three are not on this anatomical skin cancer model. A great model for examples of skin cancer is our skin cancer model. This skin cancer replica features a model of healthy skin and a model of malignant melanoma and its stages. The skin cancer model is mounted on a base allowing it to be a great addition to a medical office or learning classroom. The normal skin acne model has two sides. The back side is a model of skin with normal anatomy. The front side shows a model of three common acne conditions. The skin normal burn model shows a normal skin model and a burnt skin model. The burnt skin model shows a first degree burn model, a second degree burn model and a third degree burn model. A 70 times life-size model of the skin shows a skin block model featuring a large section of the skin in 3D form. This model makes learning and teaching easier due to its highly detailed anatomy. Individual skin layers are replicated on this skin model and do not leave out a thing. The skin hair and nail microscopic structures provide an excellent learning tool. This model is a great asset to any learning environment by demonstrating the anatomy of the human skin. Trust DiaMedical USA to connect your training facility or medical office with the best anatomical models of skin conditions and more.