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Browse over a dozen of our special senses models and find exactly what you are looking for at DiaMedical USA! Our various models of the human sinuses, ears, eyes, nose and thyroid are available at the guaranteed lowest price.

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Our anatomical models of the special senses are excellent learning tools. From eye models, ear models, sinus models, nose models to thyroid models we have what you are looking for. The numerous eye models that we offer come in various forms and sizes. The budget giant eye model is six times life-size and disassembles allowing a great hands-on learning tool. The cataract eye model is an oversized replica of a normal human eye. This model features five removable lenses to show different forms of cataract conditions. The cornea eye model is a great anatomical model to teach about various cornea conditions. The normal eye model is oversized to show a cut-away of the inner eye and features a removable lens and a removable cornea. Study the interior and exterior of the eye in detail with the eye model. This model separates into two pieces showing the interior and exterior at six-times life-size. The full eye model is another great option with easy display and detachable features. The full-size eye model dissects into four different areas of the eye with precision. Explore the anatomy of the eye closer than any other model with the microanatomy eye model. The smallest structures are visible with details unable to be shown in many eye models. Choose form our anatomical ear models in different forms and sizes. Including our child ear model, budget giant ear model, ear model, three-times life-size ear model, full-size normal clear ear model, ear model for desktop and the giant ear model. Easily trace the path of soundwaves and more with the ear canal exposed in our anatomical ear models. Ideal for a classroom setting or doctor’s office, these models give an inside look unlike any other. Our affordable clear sinus model and affordable sinus model with a cut-away view are great additions to any medical office or classroom. The nose and olfactory model set and nose model with paranasal sinuses provide an inside look of the nasal passages in the human body. The anatomical nose and olfactory set provide two models and the anatomical nose model with paranasal sinuses has detachable parts with detailed colors. The thyroid model is a great anatomical model of the special senses. It features four models of thyroids and one larynx model. The functional larynx model is anatomically correct and includes moving parts while on a rotatable base.