Torso and Full Body Models

Our torso and full body models are life-size with removable parts allowing students and patients to learn about human anatomy in a different aspect. The anatomical torsos and full bodies expose majority of the human body from the brain to the upper thighs. Make learning more fun with these affordable and detailed models.

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Each of our torso and full body models feature distinct anatomical details necessary for nursing students, medical students and patients. Our models available are: the basic knowbody teaching torso model, classic unisex torso model, deluxe dual sex muscle torso model, deluxe dual sex torso with opened back model, hands-on take apart torso model, heavy-duty carrying bag, knowbody teaching torso model, life-size dual sex torso with muscle arm model, mini-torso model, multi-torso female configuration model, multi-torso male and female configuration model and multi-torso male configuration model. Each of our torso models feature removable parts allowing students to study the different areas of the human body in closer detail. Make your classes and appointments more advanced with the hands-on learning our torso models provide.