Urinary System Models

Find exactly what you are looking for with a dozen of our anatomical models focusing on the human urinary system. Take learning outside of a textbook and make it hands-on with our 3D anatomical models.

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The urinary system anatomical models are great 3D models for any office or learning facility. Choose from our basic kidney section model, deluxe kidney model, dual sex urinary system model, free-standing urinary system model, hands on 3D urinary system model, kidney stone model, kidney with adrenal gland model, kidneys with rear organs of the upper abdomen model, kidneys with vessels model, microanatomy kidney model, rear organs of the upper abdomen model and right kidney and adrenal gland model. Each of our models of the urinary system are highly detailed and large in size to allow an easy observation when at a doctor’s appointment or listening in a lecture hall. Ideal for nursing students, medical students and patients, these models are the best urinary system models while being the most affordable urinary system models when you buy them from DiaMedical USA.