Vertebra Models

Search through dozens of our vertebra anatomical models to find exactly what you are looking for at the lowest price guaranteed! Our medical quality models are ideal for any learning environment. Teach effectively with full attention from students and patients with the help of DiaMedical USA.

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Our popular anatomical vertebra models are exactly what your classroom has been missing. A 4-stage vertebrae model, 6 mounted vertebrae model, atlas and axis model, basic vertebrae model, cervical spinal column, cervical vertebrae set, complete vertebral column model, deluxe muscled cervical model, flexible cervical spine with nerves and arteries model, flexible lumbar spine with sacrum model, flexible mini-spine with pelvis model, flexible spine with disc prolapse model, flexible spine with movable femur heads model, flexible spine with painted and labeled muscles model, flexible spine with thorax model, hyoid bone model, lumbar spinal column model, lumbar spinal column with dorsolateral prolapsed intervertebral disc model, lumbar vertebrae set, osteoporosis model, premier flexible thoracic spine model, representative vertebrae model, representative vertebrae model in natural tone, sacrum and coccyx model, sacrum T8 spine model, set of 5 lumbar vertebrae model, stages of disc prolapse and vertebral degeneration, thoracic spinal column model, thoracic vertebrae set and vertebrae with sacrum model are available. Provide your students and patients with hands-on learning in your learning environment. Ideal for respiratory studies and more, each of our vertebra models serves a different purpose. The four-stage vertebrae model shows four different stages of the bone from normal to osteoporosis. Many of our vertebra models contain nerves and arteries for added realistic anatomical details.