The SimServeRX™ Automated Dispensing Cabinet is a popular choice for schools, training facilities and simulation labs as it is the most cost-effective and user friendly system available. SimServeRX™ is a complete medication management system that provides a unique closed loop solution for medication management from order entry to medication administration and everything in between! The SimServeRX™ System offers a number of hardware options including medication cabinets, bedside solutions and supply cabinets. Each unit is a building block towards the best medication administration solution for your facility.

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The SimServeRx is a complete Medication Dispensing System that provides a unique simulation experience to allow students a solution to grasp the complete medication administration process. This system is the perfect way students to master the Five Rights of Medication Administration and perform safe medication distribution. The SimServeRx is a complete medication dispensing system that ensures patient safety by reducing human error. Priced thousands of dollars below Omnicell and Pyxis, the intuitive user interface of the SimServeRx is tailored for simulation and is easy-to-learn. This unique dispensing system beats the competition by providing the most time-effective solution, the “Snapshot” feature, for your facility. When using the “snapshot” feature, it allows you to replicate a clinical scenario with ease and consistency to deliver a smooth transition between students.