Carts & Storage

With the largest selection of medical carts, utility carts, linen carts, and hampers, we know we have the perfect storage solution for every lab in your simulation center. Our carts come in a variety of colors and sizes, with or without casters, and with different drawer options. We carry anything from crash carts, to equipment carts, to isolation carts. Whether you are looking for a cart with shelves, something with locking capabilities, or even a cabinet, we will have it!

Complete your medical school, medical facility and nursing school simulation labs with our Loaded Crash Carts, linen carts, hampers, medical carts, anesthesia carts, specialty carts, utility carts, ring binder carts, mobile computer workstations, storage and Loaded Crash Cart Refill Kits. Magnify your learning space with our various carts allowing storage for when simulated IVs, simulated accessories and medicines are not needed out in the open. Medical students and nursing students will learn effectively with our hands-on carts and storage equipment. When in need of an affordable anesthesia cart, browse our various options. Choose an anesthetist cart with drawers, an anesthetist cart with one drawer or an anesthetist cart without drawers. We also have cardiac and anesthetist cabinets and accessory packages. Store any medical products with our medium treatment cabinets and large treatment cabinets. Browse our medical hampers that can be adjustable, round or square. We have affordable water-soluble hamper liners and an inexpensive PVC double bag hamper. No matter what your preference may be, we are guaranteed to have it for the lowest price! Store extra nursing scrubs and patient gowns in our affordable PVC linen cart and inexpensive stainless steel linen cart. Our cost effective linen carts come in different size and can be covered or uncovered.