Medical Carts

With the largest selection of medical carts, utility carts, linen carts, and hampers, we know we have the perfect storage solution for every lab in your simulation center. Our carts come in a variety of colors and sizes, with or without casters, and with different drawer options. We carry anything from crash carts, to equipment carts, to isolation carts. Whether you are looking for a cart with shelves, something with locking capabilities, or even a cabinet, we will have it!

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Browse a dozen of our specialized medical carts with economical prices. Choose from our inexpensive 2 Drawer Treatment Cart With Storage, the affordable 4 Drawer Steel Isolation Cart, the cost effective 5 Drawer Anesthesia Cart with key lock, our exclusive 6 Drawer Emergency Cart package and 9 Drawer Pediatric Medical Cart, low-cost Drawer Budget Emergency Crash Cart, the full-sized and half sized medication carts, the cheap Jr. Steel Crash Cart, the Mobile Equipment Cart, the inexpensive Start Cart for IV and Epidural Procedures and the Traditional Steel Crash Cart. Each of our medical carts can easily fit into your facility’s space and budget!