Loaded Crash Cart Refill Kits

Our Loaded Crash Cart Refill Kits are ready made trays that fit right in to the drawers of our Loaded Crash Carts. Each tray comes pre-packaged and ready to slide right in to each drawer. We custom designed each kit to include the medications and supplies you will need for your specific crash cart. You can re-order any tray to re-stock your cart and even custom order a tray with the specific items and medications you require. We offer Emergency Crash Cart Refill Kits, Isolation Crash Cart Refill Kits, Pediatric Crash Cart Refill Kits, and Procedure Crash Cart Refill Kits.

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As the exclusive provider of the Loaded Crash Carts, we are proud to offer Loaded Crash Cart Refill kits for any Crash Cart’s specific drawers. Refill the entire Crash Cart or refill a single drawer at a time with ease. We have designed our refill kits to have any and all necessary simulated medications, tools and accessories for your simulation lab. Save money when you buy all of your drawers at once or buy them separately as you see fit. Our 5 Drawer Emergency Crash Cart Refill Kits feature a simulated medications drawer, an adult intubation supplies drawer, an IV start supplies drawer, an IV supplies and tubing drawer and a procedure trays drawer. The inexpensive Emergency Crash Cart Refill Kit Drawers are the perfect hands-on learning tools. Our 6 Drawer Emergency Crash Cart Refill Kits have identical drawers to our 5 Drawer Emergency Crash Cart with an added drawer dedicated to pediatric intubation supplies. The affordable Isolation Crash Cart Refill Kits feature three different sizes of non-sterile medical gloves, bleach wipes, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, isolation masks, goggles, isolation gowns and shoe covers. Our exclusive Medication Cart Refill Kits have various practice medications and supplies. The Pediatric Crash Cart Refill Kits can be purchased with all 9 drawers at once or each drawer separately. This Crash Cart features a simulated medications drawer, vascular accessories and airway equipment drawers and a drawer with miscellaneous equipment.