Glucose Monitoring

DiaMedical USA supplies compact blood glucose monitoring devices for discreet testing with results in just 7 seconds. We supply the best glucose monitoring devices to provide the most accurate test results for patients. Compact blood glucose systems offer the most cost-effective way to monitor glucose levels without compromising convenience.

DiaMedical USA supplies the best selection of glucose monitoring including Medline EvenCare G2 and Medline EvenCare mini. Glucose monitoring devices include easy-to-use voice assistance guides, memory option to store 300 test times with 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day average blood glucose levels, small blood requirements, discreet carrying pouch, before and after meal markers, and alternative site testing including fingertip, palm, forearm, upper arm, calf or thigh. We supply Medline general purpose lancets and Medline safety lancets that include 100 or 200 count lancets and retractable lancet needles that are available in pressure-activated needle, push button needle, and side button needle options. Lowest pricing on all glucose monitoring equipment is guaranteed.