DiaMedical USA supplies the best and most diverse selection of stethoscopes to provide students, nurses, and physicians with the highest level of medical equipment. Our quality stethoscopes supply reliable, clear acoustics with their lightweight, durable design to satisfy all customer needs. All acoustic medical devices are guaranteed at the most affordable prices with the best customer service.

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DiaMedical USA offers a variety of stethoscopes including Adscope pediatric stethoscopes, 3M teaching stethoscopes, Adscope clinician stethoscopes, Adscope electronic stethoscopes, Medline disposable stethoscopes, ADC nurse combination stethoscope kits, and ADC head stethoscopes. Stethoscopes include impressive acoustic amplification, electronic noise filtering, comfortable ergonomic design, battery warning LED signals, latex-free double tube configuration, spare diaphragms, and one pair of mushroom ear tips. Lowest priced stethoscopes are guaranteed.