Trauma Supplies

DiaMedical USA offers the most inclusive supply of medical immobilization equipment for emergency situations. We supply the best selection of immobilization devices to insecure patient safety during transport. Backboards, head immobilizers, splinting devices, and straps are supplied by top manufacturers including Ferno, Iron Duck, Pro Lite, and Spencer. We guarantee customer satisfaction with our affordable prices and superior customer service.

DiaMedical USA is an EMS approved supplier of emergency medical equipment and emergency medical supplies. We offer both immobilization equipment and extrication equipment including Spencer backboards, Iron Duck backboards, Pro Lite head immobilizers, Ferno splints, and Body-Loc color coded strapping system. These emergency immobilization devices are designed for easy disinfecting, with adjustable Velcro straps, with high density molded plastic immobilizers, and with waterproof headboard materials. We guarantee the highest quality immobilization products at the cheapest price.