Loaded Emergency Bags™

DiaMedical USA and SimLabSolutions are proud to introduce our Loaded Emergency Bags™ for EMS education and training.  These jump bags have been designed by EMS professionals and simulation specialists to provide a new level of realism and precision to EMS education.  Loaded Emergency Bags™ are filled with all of the supplies and simulated meds needed for pre-service and in-service training. Loaded Emergency Jump Bags and are a great cost-effective solution for instructors looking to maximize instruction time and provide students with the practical training that leads to success in the classroom and in the field.

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DiaMedical USA is the exclusive provider of Loaded Emergency Packs. Loaded Emergency Kits are designed for simulation in EMS education and training. Loaded Emergency Packs are great for practical simulation scenarios for BEMT, AEMT classes. Suitable for use in BTLS and PHTLS hands-on training practical modules. The Loaded Emergency Medication Box is stocked with simulated medications in pre-filled syringes, vials, and ampules. Practice ACLS scenarios with simulated epi, adenosine, atropine and other common drugs used by EMS professionals in cardiac arrest scenarios. The Loaded Simulated Medication Box also is stocked with simulated IV fluid, syringes, IV drip sets to practice mixing and administering piggy-back IV medication. The Loaded Simulated Medication Box is an effective solution for NREMT Paramedic Portfolio instruction and simulation. Practice ACLS simulations and code scenarios with the Loaded Simulated Medication Box. The Loaded Pediatric Pack is designed for paramedics and color-coded based on standard Broselow Hinkle weight based measurement. Loaded Pediatric Packs are suitable for PALS, PEPP, PEARS, EMSC and simulated pediatric emergencies. Loaded Pediatric Packs contain emergency equipment for the acute treatment of neonatal though adolescent patients. Loaded ALS Packs were designed by paramedics for advanced life support simulation and training. Loaded ALS Packs are stocked with a intubation kit that fits inside the ALS kit and contains Miller and Mac blades with laryngoscope handle and a variety of ET tubes. Loaded BLS Packs provide EMS instructors and coordinators a easy way to provide basic EMT students with practical hands-on training. BLS kits include OPAs, NPAs and cervical collars and make and excellent trauma kit for simulating EMT skills. Loaded Emergency Packs were designed for teaching integrated out of hospital scenarios in EMS and prepare paramedic students for psychomotor testing. All of Loaded jump Packs are customizable for you EMS agency or training facility.