Ferno Cots and Stretchers

Know your patients are safe and comfortable in any emergency situation with the best selection of Ferno cots and accessories at DiaMedical USA! Innovative designs ensure cot stability and ease-of-use. All models, including 28, 28-Z, 35-A, 35-ANM, 35-X, 35-XNM, 35-XST, 56, 93-ES, 93-H, and more, are sure to exceed your expectations with Ferno’s features and quality. In addition, a large range of accessories are available for each model to make patient handling easier for the operator and more comfortable for the patient.

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Take the weight off of emergency situations with our various discounted Ferno cots, discounted Ferno Stretchers and discounted Ferno accessories. Our affordable Ferno cots and Ferno stretchers ensure patient comfort and safety. Choose from our inexpensive Ferno cots, inexpensive Ferno accessories and inexpensive Ferno stretchers. Our affordable Ferno models in the Ferno Model 28, Ferno Model 28-Z, Ferno Model 35-A, Ferno Model 35-ANM, Ferno Model 35-X, Ferno Model 35-XNM, Ferno Model 35-XST, Ferno Model 56, Ferno Model 93-ES and Ferno model 93-H. Our stretchers and cots feature adjustable restraints, adjustable heights and more.