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Browse our Stryker powered cots, ambulance cots, stretchers and transport stretchers. Stryker cots and stretchers are ideal for your medical facilities, emergency trucks and emergency rooms. Purchase them for the lowest price at DiaMedical USA today!

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Our discounted Stryker cots and discounted Stryker stretchers are perfect for your medical facility. Choose from the affordable Stryker 6500 Power Pro XT Powered Cot, the affordable Stryker 721 Transport Stretcher, the affordable Stryker Advantage 1001 Stretcher and the affordable Stryker MX Pro 6080 Ambulance Cot. Each of our inexpensive Stryker cots and inexpensive Stryker stretchers are a great addition to your emergency rooms and trucks. Patients will remain comfortable and safe in any emergency situation. The inexpensive Stryker MX Pro 6080 Ambulance cot is a reconditioned Stryker cot that includes a new mattress. Our cost effective Stryker Advantage 1001 Stretcher has numerous features to allow medical workers easy access to patients. The affordable Stryker 721 Transport Stretcher is ideal for any time sensitive emergency. Move patients efficiently without harm thanks to this discounted Stryker stretcher. Our inexpensive Stryker 6500 Power Pro XT Powered Cot moves patients easily with its battery-powered hydraulic system and has a manual back-up system in the event of a power outage.