Hill-Rom Parts

DiaMedical USA provides a wide array of discounted Hill-Rom parts. We guarantee the best value on all reconditioned, refurbished and new Hill-Rom bed parts! We carry parts for all Hill-Rom beds, including TotalCare, VersaCare, Advanta, Advance, Centra, Century, Affinity, Critical Care, and other models! We have an extensive refurbishing and reconditioned process to bring used replacement hospital bed parts back to like-new at nearly half the price. Click here to view a list of all Hill-Rom hospital bed parts, or Click here to search your specific Hill-Rom hospital bed part number

DiaMedical USA is proud to provide new, used, reconditioned and refurbished Hill-Rom parts and Hill-Rom beds to hospitals, training facilities and other healthcare facilities in the US. We guarantee to have the lowest prices on all Hill Rom parts. We also provide discounted brand new Hill-Rom parts for all beds. We have also launched a new online ordering system for instant Hill-Rom parts quotes and purchases. The Advanta 2 med surg hospital bed is easy to use in a home, long term care, or hospital setting. We also offer replacement mattresses and parts for the Hill-Rom Affinity Birthing Bed, the Affinity 2 Birthing Bed, the Affinity 3 Birthing Bed and the Affinity 4 Birthing Bed. The Hill Rom CareAssist bed was designed to be practical. It has multiple one button features to save the care giver time. The Hill Rom 100 Low LTC Bed can accommodate many different prevention and treatment surfaces. We also offer replacement mattresses and parts for the Hill-Rom 1039/1048 Bariatric Bed, the Hill Rom 835 Bed, and the Excel Care ES Bariatric Bed. We guarantee the lowest prices on all new, reconditioned, used, and refurbished Hill Rom bed parts.