Med-Mizer Low Beds

Browse DiaMedical USA’s selection of Med-Mizer Hospital Beds, available at the lowest prices. These beds are perfect for long-term care facilities, home use, and hospitals. Med-Mizer beds are equipped with a clinical contour feature, maximizing patient comfort by alleviating pressure and skin shearing. Beds are easy to use and hassle-free, requiring no tools for set-up or adjustments. Additional accessories are available for all Med-Mizer beds, including pivoting assist bar, locking swivel casters, and bed length extender.

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Check out DiaMedical USA’s selection of cost-effective Med-Mizer hospital beds. Our affordable Med-Mizer beds are perfect for stocking your long-term care facility, home-care facility, or hospital. Choose from the Med-Mizer Comfort Wide EX5000 Retractabed, Med-Mizer Comfort Wide EX8000, or the Med-Mizer SS803A Retractabed. The Med-Mizer Comfort Wide EX500 Retractabed and Med-Mizer SS803A Retractabed feature a retracting bed frame that ensures safety for patients and staff, reducing the risk of injury. The Med-Mizer Comfort Wide EX8000 contains push button slide technology to increase the width of the bed from 35” to 39” to 42” to 48” with the push of a button. All Med-Mizer beds have a variety of optional accessories including pivoting assist bar, 2 position ¼ side bar, locking swivel casters, 4 inch bed length extender, trapeze, floor bumper, and transport dolly. Our Med-Mizer beds are safe, comfortable, affordable, and easy to use.