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Separation Screens

SeparationScreen, the Cough Screen and Sneeze Guard Virus-Barrier, was specifically designed to help combat the spread of coronavirus by protecting employees and customers when they must interact and come in contact with each other during the normal course of life.

By introducing SeparationScreen to your workplace, you are limiting the opportunity of spreading viruses from person to person contact and airborne exposure. SeparationScreen is placed between employee and customer and permits essential interactions while limiting the potential exposure to infection caused by speaking, laughing, coughing or sneezing.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to infect and spread across our country, we realized that our nation’s employees and customers will need to feel safe if we are ever going to get back to “normal”. SimScreen® was the perfect company to help get us there. Armed with the groundwork of SimScreen®, we worked tirelessly to figure out a way we could adjust our current process to make sneeze guards and cough barriers accessible to all businesses. We focused on developing an innovative solution that would allow customers and employees to feel safe as the shelter in place ordinances end.

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